About Canonizer

Canonizer.com is a social communication tool designed to find and build consensus on controversial issues. The goal is to determine, concisely and quantitatively, what everyone believes on any given subject.

We’ve prepared a short video that explains Canonizer that you can watch here:


If you want the much longer, academic version, you can read that here:


We’ve created a topic at Canonizer.com called “Governmental Priorities.


We invite all UUP members to go and review the camps in that topic. If you find a camp that reflects your point of view, we invite you to join that camp. You are also welcome to create a new camp of your own. With enough participation in that topic, we will be able to determine.  what priorities people expect from their government.

This kind of scaleable, party-wide communication will give us the edge in competition with other outmoded parties that are not responsive to their member’s positions. We believe that Canonizer can help move the party into a bright and successful future.