Category: Healthcare

Canonizing Catastrophic Coverage

So for the past few days, I’ve outlined problems with the American healthcare system. Today, I thought I’d offer a couple of possible solutions. Specifically, we need to look closely at catastrophic coverage and medical savings accounts. Insurance should cover catastrophes, not maintenance. Your car insurance will replace an engine and an auto body that […]

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Canonizing an Individual Mandate

The Trump administration has so far been unable to pass a healthcare bill, but the one thing they have done is repeal the Affordable Care Act’s individual mandate requiring purchase of health insurance. That’s unfortunate, because it is impossible to get insurance companies to overlook pre-existing conditions without an insurance mandate. It’s bizarre that the […]

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Canonizing American Healthcare

Who knew healthcare could be so hard?” President Trump once asked. The fact is, if it weren’t hard, there’d be a workable solution by now. It’s sad that our national health care discussion, along with everything else, quickly dissolves into a partisan morass, and that, in their opposition to Obama’s overreach, Republicans have not offered any […]

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