Canonizing Catastrophic Coverage

So for the past few days, I’ve outlined problems with the American healthcare system. Today, I thought I’d offer a couple of possible solutions.

Specifically, we need to look closely at catastrophic coverage and medical savings accounts.

Insurance should cover catastrophes, not maintenance. Your car insurance will replace an engine and an auto body that are destroyed in a wreck, but it doesn’t reimburse you for gasoline and oil changes. Health insurance should follow the same model.

A catastrophe. (Not health related, though.)

In addition, tax incentives need to be shifted in order to separate medical benefits from the employer, and insurance companies need to be given the freedom to do business across state lines.

These reforms will fix the problem entirely, and if there were an easy way to do it, it would already be done. But as conservatives  need to recognize that tearing down a bad law marks the beginning, not the end. It’s time to start building something better in its place.

In addition, any law Congress passes needs to fully apply to members of Congress. Lawmakers will be much less willing to pass a bad law if they have to live under it, too.

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